jeudi 25 octobre 2012


 inspired by the Grimm's tale
The girl without hands (La jeune fille sans mains)

GEM : Turquoise / Red jade

The Handless Maiden is a Grimm tale about a sinless child promised by her father to the devil, but the devil couldn't approach her, so her father dismembered her (chopped her hands off) as the devil ordered him. But because she cried, her tears washed her stumps, and she stayed clean... The tale is a long one, the maiden wandered, married a king
who loved her despite of her stumps, had a baby boy, but had to escape and to wander again and to hide, always because of the devil. Fortunately, an angel protected her and the tale had a "happy end".

This necklace is like a story, a very cruel and strong story, telling the stormy journey of a righteous but fragile girl, subject to the willingness of her father, escaping the path that was traced anl becoming a strong, determined woman.

The key is the wheel of destiny. Turquoise as we know it is born from a chemical reaction and is made from several little desposits, in a natural, unique process that takes dozens and dozens of years.

I assume the turquoise puck, as if it was sold to me as "turquoise", is more likely a reconstitued one, but i added a real turquoise bead, on the leftside of the necklace - the heart side.

You will also notice a little red jade bead.

Turquoise is said to be a purification stone. It protects against negative influences and also absorbs negative feelings - including those of its owner.


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