samedi 26 mars 2011

Blanche-Neige (Snow White)

Dans cette image j'ai choisi de mettre en avant la guérison, au-delà des blessures. Dans la forêt, Blanche-Neige perd tout mais aussi renait, se métamorphose et guérit.

I choosed here to hightligh the healing of Snow White. In the forest she lost everything and is about to die, but she birthes again, transforms herself and get better.

Crayons graphite et graphite soluble + pinceau, stock personnel (forêt, tronc d'arbre, neige), travail sur picture it et merci encore une fois à Kimberly Crick pour son stock de textures et photos diverses mis à disposition sur Deviantart, et à Trisha, mon joli modèle pour cette pose.

Graphite pencils, watersoluble graphite, backround / textures of my personal stock (wood, snow on the ground, forest), adjustments and circles with picture it. Thank you so much Kimberly aka Enchantedgal for your beautiful stock on DA ! It's so helpful. And thanks to Trisha, the pretty model for this pose.

NB : This picture still needs a lot of little adjustments, but i'm waiting for my new computer (and bigger screen - mine is soooo little !) and for Painter.  I'll make it better i assume :o)

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I Love Crafts a dit…

This is stuning!! Thanks for your visit at my blog!

Shelley Whiting a dit…

Wow love the theme of rebirth and how you approached it. A very moving piece.